• Complete the registration form.
  • You will receive an SMS and an email to the email address you entered to activate your account.
  • Activate your account from the link provided in the email and login to the platform.
  • Complete the rest of the requested information.

And that's all... Welcome to CTC!



There are no restrictions on the minimum or maximum number of hours for CTC. The areas you work in and the number of hours you add each week are entirely up to you. It's an excellent approach to support another employment, academic pursuits, or familial obligations.

Being a self-employed professional alone might be frightening. You must be aware of where to locate clients, make appointments with them, and handle payments. CTC takes care of all of that. We provide help seven days a week, and thanks to our user-friendly software, you simply need to let us know when you're available to work..

CTC pros keep 100% of tips in addition to 72% of the booking fees. An average professional can earn up to 900 euros per week depending on how much time they are accessible.

CTC offers a unique benefits package to professionals who work regularly. Priority listings, personalized recommendations, and 100% profit on selected reservations.

Pro Registration

Independent Professional Agreement

Congratulations for completing the first stage of becoming your own boss and joining the CTC family!

What’s next? with the help of this automated system and application, you can launch your own activity and work for yourself. You are always free to choose your shifts, create an enduring connection with your clients. Your profile and service will receive free promotion from CTC with a secure payment assurance.

What exactly are you supposed to do? you will be required to consistently provide an excellent customer service. You'll need to make sure you're available throughout the times you've set for your availability because you'll oversee respecting your schedule. You must also make sure that you arrive on time for every appointment through organizing your own travel arrangements to and from them, making sure you have everything you need, and doing the service as effectively as you can.

The second last step in the application process is to verify that you agree to these Terms and Conditions; following this we will notify you with our answer. Once approved, we would require a recent criminal record which would be paid by us. Once this is received, you would receive the final approval and all the necessary guidance to start your journey with us!

Trial session

Each newly approved professional with CTC will need to complete a trial session or half session to demonstrate their credentials, level of service, identification, and understanding of the platform's laws and regulations. Maintaining a good level of service is crucial for everyone's benefit and for security concerns as well. Prior to the IP going live and beginning to receive bookings, it may take up to two-three weeks period.


- After completing the trial session, you must log in to the platform, complete all schedule requirements, and select a password.
- Your Profile Bio: The information you supplied about yourself throughout the approval process, including the languages you speak, your credentials, your available time. Etc. As well as the start rating you receive from customer reviews later, will be shown on the platform along with your profile.
- You will only be scheduled for tasks and functions you are approved to perform.
- You name will be shown in the following form: First name, and first letter of your last name.
- The professional photograph that you submit must be a recent one that was taken within the past three months and must reflect the CTC-required outfit.

After being hired, you will receive an employee number that you must use in your correspondence with CTC pro care. In all communications with CTC professionals support through email or WhatsApp, please include a RE (reference) about the topic of the support the message subject.

For Professionals approved as part of a registered company rather than an Independent Pro: When it comes to the client, you are representing CTC. The uniform you would use shall the one f CTC, and the clients you serve, shall book you again through CTC.

Your account would be suspended for any such violation. You would the correct info about your Freelancer account (Autonomo), as well as the legal name and VAT number of the business where you are employed to properly bill you, and to be able to adhere to the restriction of a maximum of three specialists from the same company when you are representing one.

Criminal History: Your provided criminal history can only be three months old at most. Your account will be credited with 4 euros upon its submission.

Main Area Location

- At the beginning of the hiring process, you would fill out your main location, giving you exposure within a 15-kilometer radius. However, within the GEO area CTC operated, you can log in and change your primary location whenever you choose
. - Additionally, you will only have access to the livestream feature through the application. This feature automatically exposes your profile for a 15 km radius around your live location and disables the main location you entered on you PRO account. Your most recent main location entered on your PRO account login will become active again once your livestream is turned off. You must maintain track of your primary location to calculate time it would take to punctual in your service.
- Security precautions: The independent professional must perform him or herself the service and without sending someone to represent them. Any violation of this rule will result in account suspension and even legal action for impersonation.
- The livestream option can only be accessed following identification verification and trial session.


- You must set up your own schedule by logging in to your PRO account and specifying the hours you anticipate being available to take on work. You must read and fully understand all the PRO FAQ questions and answers to make sure you fully understand how the platform works.
- The work week is the seven-day calendar period from Monday through Sunday.
- When you are approved as one of our Independent Professionals, you are also immediately approved to make yourself available during all our operation hours, which are from 7:00 a.m. to 11:30 p.m., Monday through Sunday, throughout the whole year. For Babysitting & Homecare*, IV Drips, and PCR Tests, we offer 24-hour service**. You can therefore be accessible for after-hours schedules for the last three services.
- Every week, you must be accessible at a time that works for you. However, depending on the service type, preparation time, and travel distance within a 15km radius, there would be minimum available time. There is no mandatory weekly minimum. Your vacation time of 6 weeks will automatically be reduced for any week you do not log on.
- In order to expand your clienteles base, we advise you to have roughly equivalent availability on a weekly basis, and in similar periods. A difference is made through consistency.
- If your calendar is constantly shifting, we advise setting your anticipated availability at the start of each week based on your plans for the remainder of the week. This will give potential clients time to book you and allows you to plan. If you are not already booked during your allocated shift hours, you can login and readjust your available times as you wish.
- Additionally, clients will book you more frequently throughout the evenings, weekends, and holidays, we advise that you be available during those times as of often as you. Your revenue and ours is higher during these hours as well. We're providing a high-end service.
- To best utilize this platform, it is advised to work extended longer shifts rather than sporadic short ones.
- The rates per service categories is listed at the bottom this contract. It is also in the PRO FAQ page and pricing page on the platform
- You have the option to apply to provide the following services all at once: PCR/Antigen tests, massage, fitness, and nail services. Finally, you'll be able to provide the services we believe are best for you. We advise you only apply for one
- If you are providing multiple services, you should think about making yourself as accessible as possible so you can be involved in all of them.
- You may only provide homecare and childcare as a solo service if you desire to do so.
- To provide IV-Drip services, you must be a licensed nurse or a doctor.
- For massage, fitness, nails, and PCR/Antigen, the minimum shift length is two hours. This will allow you to provide at least ONE limited-time service at the client's location during each shift.

I.V. Drips Minimal shift requirements:
The bare minimum you should commit to for IV drips is 3-hour shifts
Minimum available time for homecare and babysitting is:
- On rare occasions, a shift should have a minimum of 8 hours available, and it is advised to be flexible with extensions. More time, higher rates, and greater earnings. A babysitter can be reserved by the client for a minimum of four hours to make it worthwhile the trip.
- *After-Hours are shifts from 11:30 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. We offer PCR Tests, IV Drips, and Babysitting & Homecare 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. An Independent Professional will receive a 20 percent increase in pay when working after hours.

Livestreaming option requirements:
When it's your turn to start your livestream, please define the time restrictions that will be used to determine your availability. The Livestream operates essentially in the logic as setting your own schedule for the minimums, but you are also able to extend for longer hours.

Booking confirmations:
After being informed of a booking, you must confirm it as soon as humanly possible. You also have till the end of rest time and the end of the first preparation time for late bookings to confirm. You must know that the client’s booking is confirmed as soon as they choose you, pay the fees, and check out. Your confirmation is an internal procedure and not related to the client.

Holidays and Vacations

- Of course, we must follow the legal guidelines for vacation periods, and for extended ones due to pregnancy and injury. For the latter, would need to get in touch with pro care support and provide an explanation.
- You may be absent from our site for up to six weeks a year without any required reason.
- If you need more vacation time or have an exceptional reason, please email our HR department at procare@caretocasa.com with your employment number and an RE as “Vacation Time Extension”.
- There will be a 5% deduction for every week of vacation taken more than the initial 6 weeks, and this is only permitted for an additional 6 weeks (total 12 weeks, 6 allowed at same rate, and 6 more with reductions). The penalty will be deducted in proportion of the excess to the additional weeks worked.
- If you have been fully unavailable for more than 12 weeks, and without any preapproved reason, your account would be suspended and subject for review o These rules would be reset at the start of the 12 calendar months starting on your approval date.
- Each week that you do not sign you would receive a notification.
- Once the 12-week time described above has passed, your account will be placed on hold for review.
- You do not need to take your 6-week vacation period in consecutive order. Automatically, any week you do not make yourself available, would be deducted from your vacation period.

Travel arrangements to the client's location

Making travel arrangements to the client's location:
Please make travel arrangements in advance and use online maps to determine the best route. The following steps should be taken if you anticipate being late.

Tools and equipment

We require that you always have your tools prepared and in check for that day, as well as your CTC uniform, with one or two extra outfits in case it is needed, and especially in the hot and high-season period.


"Appointment Time" requirements:
o Arrive five minutes before appointment time.
o Put on the CTC uniform or the requested outfit and carry the service-related tools.
• Note: We will provide you with information on how to order your work attire. We will also provide you with the logo designs in case you chose to order yourself. Only the upper body outfits are required. Carrying additional outfits is always recommended and required in warmer high season months. For the first two months, we will only require a white upper body outfit to cut on your starting cost, ideally with some red on it to match our brand colours. An outfit with a CARE TO CASA logo would be required after that.
• There is a list of the equipment needed for each service that you are expected to provide. Both general and particular to certain sub-services are. Depending on the services and sub-services you provide, you must have both so you can perform a quality service at a client’s site.
• You are required to purchase the necessary tools.
• Please let us know if you are unable to pay for the necessary equipment and/or clothing, and we will work to find a solution for you. We advise you to gradually develop your tools as needed, without compromising the quality and diversity of your services. Keep in mind that you are the boss, that this is your business, that we are merely serving as your agent, and that this is an investment that you make on your own to build your best rating and review.

- “Appointment time”:
It is the exact time and day of the confirmed service.

- Confirm your bookings:
o Once a client confirms a reservation, makes a payment, and completes the checkout process, you are automatically confirmed for that client as he had booked you within a period you have voluntarily made yourself available, either through setting your schedule on the platform or through livestream. However, as soon as you receive the booking confirmation email and notification through your APP, and SMS on your mobile number, you must log in to your account and confirm receipt. For late reservations, you shall confirm during the preparation 30 mins period at the start of the shift, or during the 30 minutes rest period post the service.
o You will have plenty of time to log in and confirm for early reservations even or last minute ones.
o As soon as you receive and confirm a booking, you shall send the client a WhatsApp or SMS in case they do not have WhatsApp service, introducing yourself, expressing your excitement to look after them, and asking if they have any concerns (an example of the content of such a message will be supplied to you in the hiring "welcome email").

- Notifications:
You need to confirm the following:
o Ensure that the booking confirmation email from Care to Casa does not wind up in your junk mail bin by turning on loud and clear email notifications. Simply move it to your inbox if it happens the first time, and it typically won't happen again after that.
o In a similar fashion, check that the App Notifications are set to Loud and Clear.
o Ensure that the SMS notification on your phone is set loud and clear.
o Constantly review all CTC alerts. Make it a routine.
o As soon as you learn about a booking, you must enter into your account and confirm it.
o If you have an existing appointment and a future one scheduled. After every appointment, at the designated time for rest, and before you enter the travel time for the following one, you must check your phone to confirm an upcoming booking.

The customer may schedule you for a maximum of five consecutive services at the same location.

Incidences, delays, and cancellations:
- No show by the Pro, and the "appointment" was not cancelled:
- If you do not cancel within the specified time and do not show up at all for the appointment. Your account would be put under review.
- This immediately affects our reputation and credibility. We would like to hear out the reason as it could’ve happened because of “force majeure”. Your subsequent service will be subject to a 50 percent brut fee penalty sine we would have to make it up to the client with a discount, so we do not lose him/her.

Neglecting to confirm a scheduled appointment:
We will treat a missed appointment the same way as a no-show in terms of sanctions and fines if you have an impending appointment but forget to confirm before entering the travel time.

Appointment confirmed, buy the PRO arrives late:
You must contact the client and advise them of this to ensure that they are alerted. And make up for the time they've lost. You must also ensure that subsequent bookings are not impacted by taking the necessary measures in case you believe it would cause delays for upcoming appointments. The client has the right to cancel appointment and choose more than 30 minutes late as a reason, and he would have the right for requesting a full refund. In such a case, you would be penalized 30% for your upcoming two services of the same category. To keep the client, we would five them a 20% discount for their upcoming two appointments of the same service category.

Appointment confirmed, however you arrived late and failed to alert the client:
The same rules apply in case you alert the client or fail to do so. But you account could be put under review in case of the latter.
Types of confirmed reservation cancellations:
- Late cancelation: Any cancelation before the last 24 hours before the clients booking. Two of such cancellations are permitted per year before the account is put on hold for review. A penalty of 50% would be applied for the upcoming service of the second time it happens. The penalty could be waived based on the professional’s explanation.
- Emergency cancelation: Any cancelation that takes place within the last 24 hours of the appointment time. Regardless of when the booking was made by the client.

Steps to cancel an appointment:
- Go to your pro account first, then cancel the that specific booking.
- Make sure that the cancellation was successful and confirmed via the automatic notifications.
- If you can't log in to your account, you can still make changes by clicking the "cancel appointment" option in the email notification of a client reservation.
- Additionally, if you must cancel an appointment, send an email to procare@caretocasa.com with the subject "Confirmed appointment cancellation" and your employment ID number, explaining the reason of the cancelation to avoid any penalties.
- Only 2 late cancellations per year are permitted before your account will be put on hold for reassessment in addition to any applicable penalties.

Steps to take for an emergency cancelation:
- You shall take the same steps as in the Late cancelation, and the same procedure and penalties apply.
- In both situations, we ask that you to message the customer, and apologize for the inconvenience and inform them adhere to the guidelines in the cancellation email they just received.

The client is absent from the appointment location:
The following actions should be taken if the client is absent when you arrive for an appointment:
- At the address door, tap three times. - Call the client or message them on WhatsApp. – Wait for 10 minutes – Tap and try to contact them again, wait another 10 minutes.
- If still no answer: Snap a photo of yourself in front of the main door, check the surrounding area, until a total of 30 minutes has passed.
- At this point, feel free to cancel the appointment with, client not at location as a reason. Then email procare@caretocasa.com along with the booking reference number and employment ID number to confirm the reasoning of the appointment cancelation.

Service incidents:
o Inappropriate behaviour of any kind is not tolerated neither from the customer nor from the Professional. We shall thus investigate your issue and take the necessary steps.
o Access to your bookings in your account. Once you've finished the service, you may review the customer and enter all your comments in the designated section.
o You can also send us an email at procare@caretocasa.com, and we'll try our best to help you out as soon as we can. You shall get in touch with us via the phone in case the emergency requires so.

Repeat bookings with you by the same client:
o Customers must use our website and app to rebook you, where they can look you up by professional’s page or location. We strive to offer the greatest service because we want them to use you again.

Service extensions: o If a customer wants to extend an ongoing service, they can log onto their account, and try to extend the service via the Service Extension button to the booking in question, select the time, pay the price, and check out. This is only feasible if you don't have another reservation after the designated "rest + travel" period.

Indemnity Insurance
o As a result of your responsibility for the service you render, you are required to be covered in the event of a workplace accident by your Autonomo status or by means of any other employment insurance form in case you have been approved as part of a company.

Rates, Fees, Packages, and Discounts

- Log in to your account in the rest time post once the service is finished, then send the " service completion and payment request" for that service. You'll receive your payment in 10 business days the latest (depending on your financial institution).

- You will receive 72% of the base rate the client pays. Your revenue for evenings, weekends, and holidays would be 72% of the basic rate charged to clients plus a 10% increase. For shifts that take place after hours, you would be paid 72% of the client's standard rate amount plus a 20% increase.

Rates categories:
- Depending on the GEO location, CTC has two rate categories. But the same rules apply in terms of revenue for the professional.

- The 21 percent IVA will be included in the total revenue (fee) you receive.

As an AUTONOMO, there is a 15% retainer that we are required to hold on to and pay to the Hacienda on your behalf. This amount would be subtracted from your overall charge. You would settle this balance with the hacienda directly.

Variable rates:
- Clients' evening rates (from 7:00 pm to 11:30 pm) will be 15% higher than usual. 10% of which is given to you.
- On weekends, during high season (June-August), and on holidays, you will always be paid 10% more than your regular rate.
- Independent Professionals will be paid 20% more than usual for after-hours shifts (11:30 pm to 7:00 am) for applicable services. Clients will pay rates that are 25% higher.
- In both circumstances, CTC keeps 5% of the increase as admin fees.

Client promotions and discounts:
- Your gross compensation will not change because of the promotions we offer. We must spread the word about our group and team. Now all you need to do is make sure you uphold our standards and offer exceptional service.
- Because CTC is new at first, we will run multiple promotions early on with discounts of at least 10%, up to 20%, and 25% without affecting your revenue. We will also make significant marketing investments on your behalf.
- Any referral, promotional, or package discounts have no impact on your income.
- Refer to the Client FAQ for help understanding the promotions and bundles.

Bill to CTC:
- After completing a service, log into your account to enter the service completion and payment request. You will receive an invoice from us made on your behalf for that service based on it. It would require your review, approval, and send back an invoice number to be attached it.

All promotions we offer are of a great benefit to our platform and professionals.

Client testimonials:
- Customers can rate the professionals after each service. Positive client reviews increase the credibility and appeal of your profile.
- Potential clients will be able to see examples of your excellent work with past clients. They are more inclined to book you as a result.

Evaluate your client:
- You have a lot to offer as a caregiver. If your experience was unpleasant, your remark will let us know about the issue and help us take the necessary action.
- Please fill the client evaluation remark section after the service if there are any unpleasant incidents or the overall experience with the client.

Independent Professionals have priority:
- This depends on several variables, including the amount of repeat reservations from the same user, the number of hours you are available on our platform—the more hours you are available, the higher the priority—and the length of time you have worked with us.

The Standing of Independent Professionals:
- At CTC, we value the knowledge of our staff members. We want to be known as a very reputable and high-quality on-demand service provider.
- Our extremely stringent registration procedure is well-known in the result to build such a standard, so independent specialists at CTC are held in high respect.

PRO feedback:
- We always appreciate constructive feedback. Feel free to send us an email the procare@caretocasa.com with your general feedback about any of our functions to we can have a better platform for all.

PRO account deletion:
- Send us an email at procare@caretocasa.com or contact us on WhatsApp with the subject "Deactivate MY PRO ACCOUNT" and your employment number, and the reason behind your decision.

Care To Casa Privacy Policy [caretocasa.com]

Care To Casa Privacy Policy

Care To Casa Privacy Policy

This is the Privacy Policy for Care to Casa S.L., with the following registered address: Avenida Del Prado s/n, Urb. Fuente Aloha, Marbella, Malaga, 29660 ("Care to Casa", "CTC", "us", "we", or "our") operated by PowerNuvo S.L.. It explains how we, as data controllers, collect, use, and share information about you (including personal information) through our website at www.caretocasa.com and our app "Care to Casa" (collectively referred to as "the Site"), which you can use to book treatments and services ("Treatments") and/or purchase related goods ("Products") (collectively referred to as "the Services"), and through other interactions with us that you may have. It also describes your rights as a user of our Services to regulate how your data is used. Any information about a natural person that permits that person to be identified directly or indirectly from that information is considered personal information. Users of the Services on whose behalf Treatment bookings are made or Products are purchased are referred to as "Users" in this Policy. Users of the Services on whose behalf we offer Treatments are referred to as Independent Professionals, Caregivers, or Independent Professionals in this Policy. Before you begin using the Website, please read this Privacy Policy carefully.

Other Terms that apply

Our website Terms of Use, in addition to this Privacy and Cookies Policy, apply to your use of the Services and are, where applicable, incorporated by reference into this Privacy Policy.

1. Information about you that we collect

Our primary goals in collecting information are to provide our Services to our Users and Independent Professionals, to better respond to their requests for help or information, to improve our Services and their features and content, and to promote our Services through our website and app, as well as through events, newsletters, competitions, and promotions where you have given us permission to do so.

Information we collect from you in the following categories..

Related to both Users and Independent Professionals:

- Identity data - information that allows users to be identified, such as their first and last names, titles, dates of birth, gender, log in information, and User and Therapist passwords - Contact information, including postal address, email address, phone number, and cell phone number - Financial data - Independent Professionals' bank accounts in order to pay them for the Services, and payment card details in order to manage payment for massage treatments by Users on behalf of Independent Professionals and purchases of Products on behalf of Retailers. Please note that we do not collect full card details and instead work with third-party payment providers (see below) to process the payment. - Technical information, such as the user's IP address, log in (password), browser type and version, time zone setting and location, browser plug-in types and versions, operating system and platform, and other technology on the devices used to access your website or app. - Data on marketing and communications - Preferences of users and therapists in getting marketing from Care to Casa and any third-party affiliates. - Operational information, including as interactions with the Services and call transcripts., Independent Professionals - Location data - information that allows the Therapist to locate the User in order to do the therapy and the User to monitor the Therapist's arrival. - Aggregated data - data that is gathered, processed, and shared for any reason, such as statistical or demographic data, for example, to analyse trends, track Users' activities around the website or app, and gather information about our whole user base. Alternatively, we may gather data from Independent Professionals such as the amount of bookings and schedule information.

Related to Users only:

- Transaction data - contains information about the products and services that users have purchased through the website or app. Usage data is data on how users interact with the Services. This includes how you interact with the Services, such as how long you spend with Care to Casa at a given moment or how frequently you make a booking. and the areas of the Services with which you engage, as well as the features that you utilize. - Profile Data: user website browsing history, demographic information such as age, gender, and educational level, comments and survey responses, and whatever information you have made publicly available on our noticeboards or on social media networks are all examples of profile data. - Work related data - We collaborate with companies to provide our services to their employees. If you work for one of those companies, you must register with us in order to access the Services. When you do this, we will collect information directly from you, and we will be able to link it to information provided by your company, such as your work title. - Service Notes - we may collect information regarding how we deliver services, such as instructions on how to enter a building. You willingly supply this information. We share this information with Independent Professionals so that they are aware of any special access or other needs. - Treatment Reports - you can enable Treatment Reports if you want to. This feature is only enabled with your permission, and it can be disabled at any moment. Independent Professionals can use the Treatment Reports to record aftercare recommendations and suggestions to help you get back to your best self. The reports may also include details regarding the treatment and your overall health. Independent Professionals with whom you book a treatment will be able to see this information if you enable this option. Other Independent Professionals will no longer be able to see such information if you turn this off.

Related to Independent Professionals only:

- Assessment data - information on Independent Professional qualifications and certification, trade test assessment results, contact logs data, performance, and ratings data. - Profile data - Photograph, biography, treatments offered, and languages spoken by Independent Professionals, as well as an average rating derived from our study of ratings review and feedback survey results using algorithms, as well as the number of Information we may collect from you from your use of the Services. This information will be used to run the Services as well as for internal operations such as troubleshooting, data analysis, testing research, and statistical surveys. This information will also be used to assess the efficacy of how we provide content and offer our services, as well as how we sell and advertise. When you choose to participate in the interactive elements of our Services, this information will be utilized to enable you to do so. It's always your decision whether or not to share information. You may not be able to utilize certain elements of the website or app or receive certain Services if you do not supply certain information.

Information we may obtain from other sources or that is gathered automatically. Our affiliates and third-party sources, such as our third-party service providers (such as events, marketing services, and payment providers), publicly available data, other companies, and referrals, may collect information.

When you visit the Website, our web server may automatically collect additional information about you, such as the type of internet browser or mobile device you use, any website from which you arrived at the Website, and your IP address (the unique address that identifies your device on the internet) and operating system. This information cannot be used to identify you, and it is solely used to help us provide a better experience on the Website and to collect broad demographic data for aggregate usage.

We may collect personal information from time to time from publicly available sources, such as LinkedIn, or from a publicly available online registry to which you provide your information, or from your company's website, in order to contact you in our legitimate business interests about business opportunities that we believe may require your participation. In our first correspondence with you, we'll let you know whether we got your information from a third-party source for these objectives.

2. The ways in which we use your information

- identify Users and Independent Professionals when they sign into their accounts using the personal information described above. - enable us to process Users' bookings of Massage Treatments on behalf of Independent Professionals and purchases of Products on behalf of Retailers, send confirmation of Massage Treatment bookings or cancellations of bookings, and enable Users and Independent Professionals to access other information or assistance offered through the Services that they request, such as customer service requests or assistance with dispute resolution. - manage the accounts of Users and Therapists. - To evaluate and verify Independent Professionals' qualifications and credentials, as well as to build and maintain profiles of Independent Professionals; - To coordinate and execute payment for Treatments scheduled by Users on behalf of Independent Professionals. - analyze the use of the Services and visits to the Site/App in order to improve our content and Services, including demographic research and sales data tracking. - if you have not objected, send you information to Users and Independent Professionals that we believe you will find useful or that you have requested from us, such as marketing communications like emails about any improvements to the Products or Services, special offers or promotions, events, competitions, or new Products or Services. - give you information about any improvements to existing products or services, special offers or promotions, events or contests, new products or services of carefully selected Business Partners where you have not objected. Care to Casa does not disclose any of its Users' or Independent Professionals' personal information with any Business Partners, but you may notice our Business Partners' names, logos, and other brand references in the emails we send you. For fraud protection, risk assessment, regulatory compliance, investigation, product development, research, analytics, and customer support purposes, we may review, scan, or analyze your communications on the CTC Platform between the User and the Service provider. We may also scan, evaluate, or analyze messages to debug, improve, or expand product offerings in specific situations. Wherever possible, we use automated approaches. However, we may need to analyze some communications manually on occasion, such as for fraud investigations and customer service, or to assess and improve the functionality of these automated systems. We will not examine, scan, or analyze your messaging communications in order to send you third-party marketing messages, and we will not sell these communications' reviews or analyses. Urban's legitimate interest in ensuring compliance with applicable laws and our Terms, preventing fraud, promoting safety, and enhancing and assuring the adequate operation of our services justifies these efforts.

3. The purposes and legal bases for which Care to Casa uses your personal information

In the tables below, we've described how we use your personal information, the categories of information it belongs to, and the legal basis or bases we use to process it, including when we depend on our legitimate interests and how we identify those interests. Depending on the specific purposes for which we are utilizing the information, we may process your information on more than one legal basis. We constantly take care to combine your privacy rights with legitimate interests when we rely on them.

Please keep in mind that these are only a few examples of the types of personal information we gather and how we can utilize it. We may collect various types of personal information from time to time, including but not limited to information you voluntarily provide to us. If you require further information, please contact us at customercare@caretocasa.com.

User Information

Purpose Type of data Lawful basis for processing
To register a new User Identity, contact, technical
To identify you as a User when you sign in to your account Identity, Technical data
To process and deliver a massage request from a User Identity, contact, profile data, assessment data, location data, technical data, transaction data, operational data
Managing collection of payment for Massage Treatments booked by Users on behalf of Independent Professionals or Products purchased by Users on behalf of Retailers Identity, contact, financial data, transaction data, operational data
Assisting Users with queries and problems in live chats on site Technical data, operational data, identity, contact
To administer and protect the website and app and Services (including troubleshooting, data analysis, testing and system review) Identity, contact, technical data
To manage our connection with Users by sending emails to confirm Massage Treatment bookings, cancel bookings, or return purchased products. Identity, contact, technical data, transaction data
Users are being asked to complete ratings and feedback questionnaires about Independent Professionals and treatments they have received. Identity, contact, usage, profile data
Inviting Users to take part in any promotions, events or competitions Identity, contact, usage data, marketing and communications data
To make recommendations and suggestions to Users Identity, contact data, usage data, profile data, marketing and communications data, aggregated data
To advertise and market our site and app and services to Users Usage data, marketing and communications data, aggregated data
To provide Users information about carefully selected Business Partners' products or services, special offers or promotions, events or competitions. Identity, contact, usage, profile, marketing and communications, aggregated data
To notify Users about any changes to our website and/or app and /or Products and/or Services Identity data, contact data
To notify Users of any changes to the Privacy Policy or changes to our Terms and Conditions Identity data, contact data
To maintain a blacklist/fraud identity system Identity data, contact data, financial data.
To record Treatment Reports by Independent Professionals which could from time to time include health data Treatment report assessment data (which may include health data), information regarding aftercare tips, treatment specifics and wellness information
To record Service Notes which are used to provide information to Independent Professionals to deliver treatments Information provided by users which may include access information
To gather location data on Users in order to inform the Independent Professionals of the location in which to perform the treatment Identity data, contact data, Location data
To provide mediation between User and Independent Professional in the event of a User complaint of unsatisfactory treatment Identity, contact, assessment, financial data

Independent Professional Information.

Purpose Type of data Type of data
To register a new Independent Professional Identity, contact, technical
To identify a Independent Professional when they sign in to their account Identity, Technical data
To allocate and transmit a Treatment reservation to the appropriate Therapist (based on location and/or profile, rating, or User preference). Identity, contact, profile data, assessment data, location data, technical data, transaction data, operational data
Managing collection of payment by Users for Treatments on behalf of Independent Professionals and management of transfer of payments to Independent Professionals Identity, contact, financial data, transaction data, operational data
Assisting Independent Professionals with queries and problems in live chats on site Identity, contact, technical data, operational data
To administer and protect the site and app and Services (including troubleshooting, data analysis, testing and system review) Identity, contact, technical data
To manage our relationship with Independent Professionals by sending confirmatory emails of bookings or cancellations with Users Identity, contact, technical data, transaction data
To maintain profiles on Independent Professionals including photograph(s), biography, treatments offered, languages spoken. Identity, contact, assessment, profile data
To assess Independent Professionals' use of the App and their interactions with users. For example, utilizing algorithms applied to ratings and reviews, we may analyze average ratings acquired from our evaluations. We collect all of the evaluations you've received from previous clients, give them a weighted rating, and display it in your profile as well as in the ranking algorithm that returns a list of Independent Professionals available to customers while they're searching/booking. Identity, contact, assessment, profile data
Providing Independent Professionals with feedback from Users including results of ratings reviews and feedback surveys Providing Independent Professionals with feedback from Users including results of ratings reviews and feedback surveys Identity, contact, assessment, profile data
Inviting Independent Professionals to take part in any promotions, events or competitions Identity, contact, usage data, marketing and communications data
To advertise and market our website, app and Services Identity, contact, Usage, marketing and communications, aggregated data
To send Independent Professionals' information about products or services, special offers or promotions, events or competitions of carefully selected Business Partners. Identity, contact, usage, profile, marketing and communications, aggregated data
To notify Independent Professionals about any changes to our website, and/or app and /or Services Identity, contact data
To notify Independent Professionals of any changes to our Privacy Policy or changes to our contract terms and conditions Identity, contact data
To maintain a blacklist/fraud identity system Identity, contact, financial data
To gather location data on Independent Professionals to share with Users to inform them as to when the Professional may arrive to deliver the Treatments Identity data, contact data, Location data
To record Treat Reports if a User enables this feature, some Professionals personal data will be captured against this Treatment report Identity data
To provide mediation between User and Independent Professional in the event of a User complaint of unsatisfactory treatment Identity, contact, assessment, financial data
To monitor correct use by Independent Professionals of our proprietary technology and Users' personal data Identity, contact, technical, usage data

4. We may disclose your information in the following ways:

- We may share the information Users give with Independent Professionals to assist them in providing the Treatments booked by Users in order to provide the Services. - In order to deliver the Services, we may share information provided by Independent Professionals with Users in order to aid them in choosing a Professional with whom to book a service Treatment. - We may share the information you provide or that we otherwise collect through your use of the Services (including, where applicable, personal information) with carefully selected third-parties such as affiliates, consultants, and contractors who assist us with our business and operations, such as processing transactions, fulfilling requests for information or assistance, receiving and sending communications ,analyzing data, and providing other support services such as advertising, PR, events related services and other web related services such as web hosting and web-monitoring services including analytics providers and search information providers. These third parties will keep the information private and will only use it to perform the related service(s) or as otherwise permitted or required by law. - In some situations, we collaborate with carefully selected organizations, known as Business Partners, and with your permission, we may give you information about these third-party Business Partners' products or services in our contacts with you. We do not directly share your personal information with these third parties. - We may share aggregate statistics about Website visitors with prospective partners, advertisers, sponsors, and other reputable third parties in order to describe our services and for other authorized purposes. - You agree that any personal information we hold about you may be transferred to that reorganized entity or third party if we undergo reorganization or are sold to a third party. - If we are legally obligated or permitted to do so, we may reveal your personal information (for example if required by law or by a court order or if we believe that such action is necessary to prevent fraud or cybercrime or to protect the Site or Service, or the rights, property or personal safety of any person). - If you connect the Services to Apple Health, information about your usage of the Services, including as the treatments you had and how often you utilized them, may be recorded. You decide whether or not to share this information with Apple Health, and Apple Health will manage it according to their own privacy policies. For further information, please examine this as well as your Apple Health settings.

5. Information that you as a User or Therapist may gather

If you are a Professional, you are responsible for ensuring that any personal information you acquire about Users in the course of providing the Services complies with applicable data protection law. Care to Casa disclaims any responsibility for this personal data processing. You are responsible for any misuse of personal information that you may gather while using the Services if you are a User. Care to Casa disclaims any responsibility for this personal data processing.

6. Cookies and other forms of technology

The Site also collects information about your access to the Site using cookies or similar technology. Cookies are little text files with a unique reference code that a website saves on your device in order to record and track information about you. Several of the cookies we use are session cookies that only last until you close your browser. Other cookies are used to recognize you when you return to the Site and have a longer lifespan. Please check our Cookie Policy for additional information on the cookies we use, how we use them, and how to disable them.

7. Participate in public forums

Users and Independent Professionals may have access to chat rooms, bulletin boards, news groups, and/or other public forums on the Site from time to time. Any information you disclose in these places becomes public knowledge, so you should use them with caution and never provide personal information.

8. Child protection

We place a high priority on ensuring the safety of children while they use the internet. Our Site and Services are not designed at or intended for children, and we do not intentionally collect personal information from them. You may contact us at customercare@caretocasa.com if you suspect your child has provided us with personal information without your permission.

9. Links to other websites

The Site may contain links to external websites from time to time. Third parties may collect or share information about you if you click on those links or enable those connections. We have no control over these third parties, and we are not responsible for the content of their websites, as well as their privacy policies and practices. You should carefully read the privacy policies of any third-party websites you visit.

10. Payment processing

All payments transactions made through the Services are conducted through Revolut Payment system. You will be providing credit or debit card information directly to these providers who process payment details, encrypting your credit/debit card information and authorising payment https://www.revolut.com/privacy-policy

11. Security

- The security of any personal information associated with Users and Independent Professionals is extremely important to us. We've put in place necessary technical and organizational safeguards to maintain the security of your data and to protect any personal information that's sent, stored, or otherwise processed from unintentional or unlawful destruction, loss, alteration, unauthorized disclosure, or access. Furthermore, only those employees, agents, contractors, and other third parties with a business need to know have access to this information. They will only process it if we tell them to, and they are bound by a strict confidentiality agreement. - You are also responsible for the safety and security of your personal information. You are responsible for keeping your log in and/or password confidential if you have a secure log in and/or password for access to specific portions of our Site. We request that you do not share your log-in information or password with anybody. We also advise you to exercise caution when providing information in public areas of the Site, such as message boards. Any user of the Site or Services can see the information you share in public areas. It's also a good idea to close your browser when you're done using it to prevent others from accessing your personal information. - Because no electronic data transmission over the internet or information storage can be guaranteed to be completely secure or error-free, we cannot warrant or guarantee the security of information you submit via the Site or Service to our Site or Service, and any such submission is at your own risk.

12. Data storage and international transfers

The information you provide through the Services is transferred to and kept on secure servers both inside and outside the European Economic Area ("EEA"), such as in the United States. We will take precautions to ensure that your privacy rights are protected if we move your information outside of the EEA in this way. We cooperate with essential service providers such as Google, Facebook, Amazon Web Services, and Salesforce, for example, and have signed data processing addendums that reflect data transfer procedures to offer adequate protection to personal data transmitted outside the EEA, as described above. Please contact us if you require any other information.

13. Choosing not to participate

We shall use your personal information to send you marketing and promotional communications via email about our products/services or to send you feedback surveys and ratings review requests on treatments supplied if we have your consent or if you have not objected to receiving (as applicable). As previously stated, where we partner and cooperate with carefully selected Business Partners, information from our Business Partners may be included in our email correspondence. You can opt out of receiving future marketing messages at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link included in each message or contacting us via email at customercare@caretocasa.com.

14. How long do we keep your data?

For us to meet our contractual duties to you, we need to keep your information (including your personal information, where applicable) for as long as you are an active user of the Services, and for as long as is legally needed or authorized. We may need to keep certain personal information after a User account has been closed for varying periods of time, depending on the type of personal information involved, for example, to enforce our terms, to prevent fraud, to identify, issue, or resolve any legal claims, for proper record-keeping purposes, and/or as required by applicable law. We may also save certain personal information after you have expressed an objection to receiving Care to Casa marketing communications in order to ensure that your wishes are honored and that we do not contact you again. We may keep aggregated information for a longer period of time for research purposes and to assist us in developing and improving Services. Aggregate data retained or utilized for these purposes cannot be used to identify you.

15. Your rights

Under certain circumstances, you have the right to: - To receive a copy of your personal information that we have on file. - To request that your personal information held by us be corrected or erased. - In some cases, you have the right to request that we stop processing your personal data. - To object to your personal data being processed for the purpose of sending you direct marketing communications. - To ask for a temporary halt to the processing of your personal data while we examine or verify your concerns. - To have your personal information transferred to a third party. - If your personal information has been processed on this basis, you have the right to withdraw your consent. You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time by sending us an email at customercare@caretocasa.com or clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of our emails. If your request or concern is not addressed properly, you may file a complaint with the local data protection authority in the EU and Spain.

16. Modifications to this Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy may be updated from time to time. If a change is significant, we will notify you before it takes effect, either on the Site or via email (as required). Any major changes will only apply to personal data gathered after the updated Privacy Policy is implemented.

17. Contact us

17. Contact us Please send any questions or issues about our Privacy Policy, as well as any concerns about the security of our Site or Services, to customercare@caretocasa.com