Covid-19 risk assessment

Covid-19 risk assessment

Covid-19 Era risk evaluation for clients who want to practice extra caution using at-home wellness, exercise, and beauty therapies Care to Casa has been working diligently in the background to ensure that every instant of a permitted at-home therapy or fitness session is as safe as possible. You may read our whole risk assessment, which was published in accordance with governmental standards, below.

This document lists the dangers associated with Covid-19 that our community's independent therapists, beauticians (where permitted to practice), and personal trainers might experience while providing their respective professional services.

Potential dangers have been discovered and addressed: Before their appointment, 2. while traveling to their appointment, 3. when the service is being provided, and 4. following their appointment.

We are developing the conclusions and plans.
According to the local authority's recommendations, which are contained in this paper that is freely accessible on our website, employers, workers, and the self-employed should learn how to work safely during the coronavirus pandemic.

the appointment before
Risks include: Client within vulnerable demographic; Client infected with Covid-19 or in close contact with an infected person; Client uninformed of transmission risks and required additional hygiene measures

reducing measures:

In accordance with government regulations, we are in touch with clients throughout the booking process to make sure they (a) don't exhibit any symptoms, (b) haven't been in contact with anyone exhibiting symptoms, (c) haven't traveled abroad in the previous 14 days, and (d) understand that additional hygienic precautions and the use of PPE will be necessary for their treatment. This may include, but is not limited to, a pop-up alert when someone tries to make a reservation using our app; an email and push notification the day before the reservation to advise the user to cancel free of charge if they become infected with the virus or start to exhibit symptoms.
Updated booking restrictions that take into account vulnerable groups are available on our website with clear signage.
Our website has clear signposting and contains all safety recommendations and considerations for both before and after bookings.
while en route to appointments
Risks: When using public transportation, there is a chance of contracting an infection from touching contaminated surfaces; when using massage tables on public transportation, there is a chance of contracting an infection from touching contaminated surfaces; and when entering and exiting a client's home, there is a chance of contracting an infection from touching doorknobs and other contaminated surfaces.

Reducing measures:>

The following suggestions have been added to the modified service etiquette: • Wear protective gear while traveling (mask + gloves); • Use a cover table when transitioning between appointments.
Our algorithm has been improved to display the therapists who are closest to the client's home at the top of the search results. Therapists are encouraged to use disposable tissues and dispose of them safely if they need to touch doorknobs or other potential sources of contamination in the client's home.

During the delivery of the service

Risks include: the professional performing the service if they exhibit symptoms or have recently been exposed to the coronavirus; contamination as a result of the professional's ignorance of the virus, how it spreads, and how to prevent contamination; contamination as a result of the treatment area's inadequate ventilation; and contamination as a result of the professional's close proximity to the client. This is one of the instances the government has noted where the 2m distance requirement is inapplicable. • Contamination by other household members.

Professionals exhibiting symptoms must be disabled for seven days. They must also participate in supplementary internal service etiquette training that gives them advise tailored to their activities.

- Order the mandatory PPE that is appropriate for their specialties as listed below and attach a photo of the receipt.
- Clients are advised to get treatment alone with the therapist in the same room, away from other family members.
- Clients are required to cover their faces during all appointments, with the exception of outdoor fitness.
- When possible, clients are also urged to have their treatments outside by opening windows.

following the appointment Risk:
- A professional or customer experiences symptoms seven days after the appointment.
- Seven days after their booking, clients will be contacted to confirm they haven't manifested any symptoms.
- Every day before reporting to work, therapists are asked to examine themselves for symptoms in accordance with the recommendations of health officials. Additionally, they are asked to get in touch with us if they experience any symptoms.
- If an infection is reported, recorded booking information will make it possible to track down all encounters that happen in the neighborhood.